Comic-Con International: San Diego’s Celebration Of Comics In Art & Culture
June 18th, 2013|SofiaBlog


Fans of comic books, graphic novels, science fiction, and fantasy take note (not that you need any reminder): Comic-Con International 2013 is approaching rapidly! The Sofia Hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the San Diego Convention Center where the world-renowned celebration of creative pop-art expression is being held for the 44th time.
The fun commences [...]

Australian Outback Explorers Seek “Koalafornia” At The San Diego Zoo
June 7th, 2013|SofiaBlog


The San Diego Zoo—one of the world’s most celebrated and active zoological parks and conservation organizations—has a brand-new exhibit of dazzling scale and design: Conrad Prebys Australian Outback.
This grand complex, devoted to the outstandingly unique Down Under wildlife, officially opened on May 24, 2013, and houses seven species of marsupial mammals and 25 kinds of [...]