Don’t Miss The Amazing Annual Grunion Run!
March 25th, 2015|SofiaBlog


Like every other San Diegan in the know, the Sofia Hotel is excited about the fast-approaching peak season for one of our coastline’s most remarkable yearly events: the grunion run!
We’ve written here before about this unique phenomenon, which involves thousands of shiny-scaled fish squirming out of the incoming swash at night to lay and fertilize [...]

‘Hop’ Around Downtown San Diego And Explore Our Craft Breweries
March 16th, 2015|SofiaBlog


For lovers of American craft beer—unquestionably some of the world’s best, something we can say without any nationalistic hyperbole—San Diego is sacred ground.

Suit Up: SCUBA Adventures Await In San Diego
March 12th, 2015|SofiaBlog


You already know (most likely) that San Diego enjoys one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines and some of its most legendary surfing meccas.
But the joys of the San Diego seaboard extend beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re curious about seeing a whole other side of the region, consider giving SCUBA diving [...]