Carnevale: Get A Little Taste Of Italy On Saturday, March 1st, 2014
February 21st, 2014|SofiaBlog


Masked revelers, mouthwatering delicacies from one of the world’s great cuisines, joyous music, dance, and acrobatics: It must be time once again for the Little Italy Carnevale!
On March 1, San Diego will take on a distinctly Venetian flair (naturally with a Southern California twist). Overseen by

When It Rains, Or When It Doesn’t, Go To The Old Globe Theatre
February 11th, 2014|SofiaBlog


When the skies are looking a bit leaky over San Diego, there are few better places to seek shelter than the Old Globe Theatre, one of America’s foremost theatre companies.
Actually, the Old Globe is just as inviting on one of our city’s standard postcard-perfect days, too. (And it’s worth noting

All February, 40 Museums In San Diego Are Half-Off Admission
February 4th, 2014|SofiaBlog


February is a particularly edifying time to be in San Diego. Why, you ask? Because it’s Museum Month, of course!
This annual promotion, supported by Macy’s, allows you to get in to an impressive 44 area museums and related institutions at half-price. Staying at the Sofia Hotel, you’re an easy trip from