Valentine’s Day Inspirations: Romance in San Diego
February 15th, 2017|SofiaBlog


Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here again: a time to gaze into your special someone’s eyes across dancing candlelight—or, conversely, a time to mutter about commercialization and sing the virtues of singlehood.

Thanksgiving Wishes From the Sofia Hotel
November 28th, 2016|SofiaBlog


In this Thanksgiving season, we here at the Sofia Hotel are feeling so very grateful to all of our guests and our staff: the people who make this grand landmark the magical place that it is.
Day in and day out, we have the immense delight of introducing new Sofia guests to the many [...]

The Lion King: Take in Dinner & a Show at the Sofia
September 13th, 2016|SofiaBlog


One of the most feted and talked-about musicals of recent Broadway history is currently wowing audiences over at the San Diego Civic Theatre: The Lion King. This unforgettable production runs through October 2.
As a guest of ours at the Sofia Hotel, you’re literally a couple of blocks away from this long-running gem of a performance [...]

Meet Santa Over Brunch At The Sofia Hotel
December 8th, 2015|SofiaBlog


Do you have a little one (or several) eager to share their Christmas lists with the big man himself—firsthand? And are you dreading the thought of battling the lines at the shopping mall for a hurried and harried one-on-one with Kris Kringle?
Well, good news: Santa’s paying several visits to the Sofia Hotel’s lauded on-site restaurant, Currant [...]

The Sofia Hotel Gives Thanks To Our Wonderful Customers
November 24th, 2015|SofiaBlog


We’ve got an awful lot to be thankful about this season here at the Sofia Hotel.
Thankful for our hard-working staff, for our wonderful partners at Currant American Brasserie, for the splendid and supportive city of San Diego we lovingly call home.
And, of course, our gratitude to our patrons is downright bottomless. Here at the Sofia, we [...]