There Is Always Something Awesome Happening In Balboa Park
June 18th, 2014|SofiaBlog


The Sofia Hotel’s a short bike ride from one of San Diego’s most happening landmarks: the big, beautiful, and exciting Balboa Park.
Balboa Park is the perfect place to stroll and relax on one of those warm, sun-kissed days we specialize in here in Southern California, but there’s also a dense concentration of world-class educational and [...]

Watch The Grunion Run: You Won’t Believe It!
June 9th, 2014|SofiaBlog


San Diego is one of America’s great cities, full of world-class urban charms. But there’s more to the town than great restaurants, theaters, theme parks, historical sites, and shopping districts: We’re also part of a unique Southern California ecosystem with its own miraculous—and primordial—happenings.
For example: One linchpin of the San Diego year is the spring-to-summer run [...]

Don’t Miss A Major Event At The San Diego County Fair
June 2nd, 2014|SofiaBlog


One of the most exciting months in our neck of the woods is nearly here: It’s time again for the San Diego County Fair!
This year’s “Fab Fair” theme promises loads of new excitement alongside all the outrageous fun and fantastic entertainment this cherished event’s been delivering for better than a century.
Fab Fair Attractions
Fair visitors can expect [...]