From Whales to Warblers: San Diego’s Winter Wildlife-Watching
January 2nd, 2017|SofiaBlog


San Diego’s an amazing city for nature lovers, given the diversity of habitats in our hinterland and the spectacular lineup of public lands arrayed throughout. Wintertime has its own appeal on this count: It’s a great season to be out appreciating the natural world of Southern California—not least because the temperatures are so darn balmy [...]

Fascinating, Fun, Free!: Kids Free in October at San Diego Museums
October 12th, 2016|SofiaBlog


Who doesn’t love the word “free”?
Well, if you’ve got children in tow for an autumnal stay with us at the Sofia Hotel, you’re going to love the citywide deal going down right now.
In celebration of the broader “Kids Free San Diego” promotion, the San Diego Museum Council’s 40-plus institutions are offering free admission to kids [...]

History Afloat: The Voyage of the San Salvador Replica
August 24th, 2016|SofiaBlog


Four hundred and seventy-four years after the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo became the first European to describe San Diego Bay, a replica of his flagship galleon, the San Salvador, is launching from those same waters on a commemorative voyage.
The gorgeous replica tallship’s “Pacific Heritage Tour,” an initiative of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, [...]

Hoofing It: Great Dayhiking Destinations Around San Diego
June 24th, 2016|SofiaBlog


With our mountains-to-ocean landscape and mighty friendly climate, San Diego’s an outstanding place to hit the trails and soak up a little bit of Mother Nature, Southern California-style.
Sure, America’s Finest City offers a boatload of cosmopolitan attractions—not least in the Sofia Hotel’s Downtown and Gaslamp Quarter neighborhood. But getting to know San Diego—a metropolis where [...]

Don’t Miss Spring Whale Watching In San Diego!
March 16th, 2016|SofiaBlog


Now’s one of the very best times of year to watch whales along the San Diego coast. That’s because the northbound leg of the mammalian migration on Earth is underway right now in our watery front yard!
Thousands and thousands of gray whales are cruising up our coast between their Baja Californian nursery waters and Alaskan feeding grounds, a 10,000-mile [...]