History Afloat: The Voyage of the San Salvador Replica
August 24th, 2016


Four hundred and seventy-four years after the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo became the first European to describe San Diego Bay, a replica of his flagship galleon, the San Salvador, is launching from those same waters

Pinniped Passion: The Sea Lions & Seals of La Jolla
August 16th, 2016|SofiaBlog


Head for the lovely coast of La Jolla, and you’re more likely than not to get an up-close look at some of the North Pacific’s most endearing marine life.
Well, not everyone finds the area’s resident seals and sea lions endearing exactly, but there’s no question they’re a major attraction. Easy to reach from the Sofia [...]

Family-Friendly Nightlife: Balboa Park After Dark & Twilight in the Park
August 1st, 2016|SofiaBlog


Looking for something to do on these long, lazy San Diego summer evenings? Well, as it turns out Balboa Park—marking its centennial this year, as we wrote about earlier this year—makes a prime after-hours destination this time of year! That’s courtesy of two beloved summertime programs, Balboa Park After Dark and the Twilight in the [...]

Four-legged Wave Riders: The Petco Surf Dog Competition
July 20th, 2016|SofiaBlog


San Diego’s a world-class paradise for surfers, and believe it or not we’re not just talking about the bipedal kind.
That’s right: Our oceanfront city’s the sort of place where dogs like to get in on the wave-riding action, too. For proof, just look to the upcoming Unleashed by Imperial Beach Petco Surf Dog Competition, scheduled [...]

Superhero-Worthy Sofia Spa Specials in Honor of Comic-Con!
July 12th, 2016|SofiaBlog


Comic-Con International’s about to get underway again in San Diego, and here at the Sofia we’re ready to welcome all of you costumed (and not) attendees!
The genuinely iconic extravaganza, one of the biggest yearly shindigs in America’s Greatest City, delivers an almost unbelievable amount of fun, spectacle, and fandom over its four full days. From [...]