August Thru November: San Diego’s Best Surf Season!
November 10th, 2014|SofiaBlog


San Diego Surf Season

November marks the tail-end of the best surf season in San Diego County, so if you’re a diehard fan of picture-perfect reef breaks, now’s the time to grab your board and head for our world-class coastline!

The Sofia Hotel, just a few blocks from the bayfront, will happily serve as your accommodations. Some of the region’s most celebrated surfing spots, including Point Loma and the shore- and beach breaks of the South Bay, are remarkably close at hand!

Prime Surf Season in San Diego

You can encounter superb surfing waves at any time of year in San Diego, but the most consistently excellent conditions usually prevail from August into November. As the San Diego Tourism Authority (which offers lots of great regional surfing information at its website) observes, late-summer and early-autumn surfers often ride breaks formed by south swells spectacularly clipped by Santa Ana winds.

Around this time of year, the swells have typically shifted to a more westerly orientation and the water’s a bit cooler, but surfing remains topnotch. It’s truly a prime time to be on a board!

Choosing the Best Spot

San Diego County ranks among the world’s most lauded surfing destinations, and you have your pick of fantastic hotspots that collectively account for all levels of skill and experience.

From the internationally renowned Trestles point break all the way south to the friendly waves washing the long, sandy reach between Coronado and Imperial Beach, you’ve got loads of options and an awful lot of variety in terms of wave action and scenery.

You can keep tabs on present conditions using resources such as SurfShot’s Surf Reports.

Surf From the Sofia

You won’t find a more rejuvenating and relaxing place to return to after a fun-filled day riding the swells than the Sofia Hotel. We’re a historic landmark with unbeatable proximity to the Gaslamp Quarter, and beyond our immaculate rooms we house a top-of-the-line restaurant, Currant American Brasserie.

So come take advantage of the waning weeks of San Diego’s prime surf season—and make sure to book yourself a room in the Sofia so you’ve got the perfect base camp!